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We at Model Ship Master build the world's very best wooden classic boat models.   We have ingenious ways to gather exotic, precious wood from Russian forests to Laotian jungles and we have artisans who have worked exclusively with wood for over 30 years.   More, we give most of our models hundreds of tiny copper nails which are just like what you see in the real beauties.  When you shop across the Internet, pay attention to photos that show the woodworking on the models and you'll see what we mean here by "the world's very best."   Some companies such as charges many times as much as we do for models that is far inferiors to ours.   Guaranteed! 

Be beware of some very cheap boat models.   They are not built from official plans and thus have  the hull shape very wrong.  Some of the easy-to-spot errors are the oversized stability fins on the two sides and very wrong windshields.   Qualitywise, their chrome looking parts are actually plastic (see photos).  Their hulls are, surprisingly, plastic covered with wood color paint (just ask and they must tell you.)   These are more of children's toys, not suitable for beautiful homes or prestigious offices.

Click on the link below for some analyses that we were paid to performed in the past:

Analyses of low-end classic model boats

Miss Behave



The 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic speed boat in the world. Miss Behave is certainly the most well known of the original five speedsters brought to the St. Lawrence in 1935.  Today the original "Miss Behave" is in the Thousand Islands Shipyard Museum.   

miss behave
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Chris Craft
Triple Cockpit


No other boat embraces the elegance of the mahogany runabouts like the Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back.  A gorgeous boat in every way, it's sleek styling and flowing lines are ever present in this 1930's beauty. Only 73 ever built by Chris Craft.

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Baby Bootlegger


Baby Bootlegger was the winner of  the 1924 and 1925 Gold Cup races.  Her Hispano Suiza aircraft engine was state of the art.  She is the epitome of all speedboats. 

baby bootlegger model
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Aphrodite was built by the Purdy Boat Company and launched in May, 1937. Aphrodite's guest list included Fred Astaire, Sir Laurence Olivier, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Henry Ford II, Nelson Rockefeller... Shirley Temple had her birthday's party aboard Aphrodite.

aphrodite yacht model
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Designed by Ted Geary as one of eight ships in her class in 1928-1930, all of which are still in service.  Canim was built at Lake Union Drydocks, Seattle, WA., in 1930 for Col. A.J. Blethen as a private yacht. 


canim boat
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Elco 57'

A famous wooden yacht built in the 1930s.  Only 7 were ever built.

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The Typhoon origin began with Edsel Ford. It was a large brute, measuring in at 40' in length, with a 2000 cu. in. Wright Typhoon engine. Like a wild stallion, she was born to race. She had the seating capacity to seat up to eight adults, in three separate cockpits, but without the creature comforts and safety of any windshields.

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The award-winning Teaser became famous by winning the celebrated time trial against the Twentieth Century Limited from New York City to Albany in 1925. She beat the record by more than an hour. The Twentieth Century Limited was the fastest train on the rails at that time.

teaser classic boat
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Chris Craft Racing runabout


A 24' legendary model from Chris Craft.  Built  in 1930.


chris craft racer model
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Chris Craft Barrel Back


In the years just prior to World War II, Chris-Craft produced some of its most beautiful—and now most collectable boats in history, the barrel backs.

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Chris Craft Cobra


The 21-foot Cobra would make 55 miles per hour.  Its dorsal fin styling takes a cue from the Ventnor introduced in 1948.  This one features 8-inch-wider beam and weights 570 pounds more than the 18-foot version.


chris craft cobra model
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Century Coronado


This 1965 Century Coronado has been fully restored and won best in show at the Coeur d'Alene Wooden Boat show in 2006. In 2008,  it won the Sheriff's award.

century colorado model
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Century Sabre


The Quintessential early '60's styling of the Century Sabres was unique in the boats of that era.  With their removable t-tops, automotive style interiors and powerful V8 engines there was nothing else like them on the lakes.

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Dixie II


The legendary Dixie II is the winner of more than 100 consecutive races, including two Gold Cups and two Harmsworth Trophies.  The fastest motorboat in the world, Dixie's average speed was 28 nautical miles per hour, equivalent to 32.15 statute miles. This is the fastest time ever made in a motorboat race in this country. 

dixie II model
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The Zipper was considered a fast hydroplane of category 225.  John Hacker designed this wonderful boat.  Zipper illustrates the sobriety and the elegance of the runabouts of the 20s & 30s. Her planing hull was made to increase speed and to increase stability in tight turn.

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Build by naval architect William D. Jackson, this 15' boat could run faster than 75 mph and have only one point of contact with the water: its propeller. 

panther model
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USS Sequoia


104' Trumpy boat.  Contract number 174.  Built in 1925 for Richard Cadwalader, Jr. Official U.S. presidential yacht from 1933 to 1977.  USS Sequoia served U.S. Presidents from Hoover to Bush.

uss sequoia
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HMY Britannia


Britannia was launched by Queen Elizabeth II on 16 April 1953 and commissioned on 11 January 1954. During her career as Royal Yacht, she conveyed the Queen, other members of the Royal Family, and various dignitaries on 696 foreign visits and 272 visits in British waters. Prince Charles and Princess Diana took a honeymoon cruise aboard Britannia in 1981.

HMY Britannia
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Kings and emperors, princes and sultans, actors, sportsmen and celebrities headed straight to Riva to choose their boats in the same way as they went to Rolls-Royce or Ferrari for their cars.

riva model
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Chris Craft Barrel Back


In 1940 Chris-Craft introduced a new hull style called the torpedo deck or barrel back. Fifty plus years later it is among the most highly coveted of the famed Chris-Crafts.

chris craft barrel back model
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Grady White 360 express

One of the most successful boatbuilding companies in the world, Grady-White has a legendary reputation for designing and producing superbly engineered power sportfishing boat. 

grady white model
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Owens Flagship


This famous model was
powered by a twin Hercules flathead 6 cylinder engines with a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 8 to 12 knots.  Built in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Thunderbird is a 55-foot speedboat designed by John Hacker and built by Huckins in 1939.  Today Thunderbird is equipped with a twin 1000 hp Allison aircraft conversion engines, allowing a top speed of 70 mph! Click to commission it.

Century Coronado


The 19' Coronado Resorter was very well known for what has been referred to as its "aircraft carrier deck." Click to commission it.

Century Coronado

1955-56 were the first series of Coronado's. These boats had a plumb transom.  These were the only years that the Coronado's had a full wood deck. 
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Century Coronado


The  Century Coronado 1959 is perhaps the most stylish ever built by Century.  It retained some common features from the '58 but there are also some major changes. The '59 has a vented nose-cone. The flagstaff on the foredeck is a wing made of chrome. The old curved windshield is replaced by a bubble (compound curve) version. Instead of a milk-glass retracting insert in the windshield, the entire roof slides back and forth. Other features included a chrome "crown" that runs across the roof and serves as a base for the anchor light, which was formerly on the rear flagstaff and opera windows. Click to commission it.

Chris Craft Continental

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Chris Craft Constellations


Chris Craft built only three of these 63’ Constellations in 1953.  There's only one left as of today.  It has cruised Alaska and Mexico and has the power and range to go anywhere on the coast. Click to commission it.

Chris Craft
Pilot House


Chris Craft built 15 of these Pilothouse motor yachts. They were considered the top of the line in the 60's. They are extremely sturdy, seaworthy vessels (72 gross tons). These quality yacht cruised comfortably at 10 to 13 knots and would easily run at 18 knots. Click to commission it.

Chris Craft Holiday

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Chris Craft

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Chris Craft Corsair 25

Stunning from any angle, this runabout is practical and comfortable. The Corsair 25 has a stylish foredeck that provides an uninterrupted forward view and a useful cuddy cabin underneath. Click to commission it.



John Hacker built this wonderful boat for the 125 racing class with a 47-horse motor and overall weight of 750 pounds (boat, engine and everything), the designer of Hornet claimed a speed of 40 mph. Plans and building instructions for Hornet appear in the 1934 book by Edwin Monk, How to Build Wooden Boats.
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Grand Banks 42


Launched in 1965, the Grand Banks 42 defined the trawler/yacht concept. The boat boasted lavish teak interiors, three different layouts with diverse cruising needs. With 1,560 of these hulls built—the last was delivered in 2005—Grand Banks 42 is a legend in its own time. Click to commission it.

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Eight of our massive classic boat models now decorate some restaurants desinged by Schussler Creative (Rain Forest Cafe was one of its products.)   Mr. Schussler contacted us again in 2013 for a future project in Disney Land. 

Model Ship Master has been chosen by the owner of a Century Coronado that has won best in show at the Coeur d'Alene Wooden Boat show and  the Sheriff's award  to build the model.

Praendex Pacific's president purchased in person (he wanted to view the quality in person) 4 museum-quality classic boat models from Model Ship Master in July, 2007.

Model Ship Master accepts commission to build your classic boats at any level of quality. Click on 'Commissioning' on the left -side column for more details.