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This vintage boat model shoots water, lights up, and makes fire emergency sounds. 

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Paddle wheeler


This vintage large boat model is powered by an air-compressor. 


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Push boat


There's no other pusher tug boat model like this in the world.


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Chris Craft 64 feet


This vintage boat model is so beautiful and there's no second one. 


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Massive 15' paddle wheel


This model's massive size allows the construction of amazing details.


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Cajun Trader


This Cajun Trader ship model carries a total of almost 300 proper scale containers, many carrying the logos of international container lines.   The model is fully-equipped and will operate at scale speeds by two-channel radio control.  The hull is molded of fiberglass.  Outside, and invisible containers, are "N"-scale model railroad equipment.  48" long.   $3,500.   

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Mobil Bay

Coast Guard Ocean-going tug


This model ship, with her fiberglass hull and molded styrene superstructure along with basswood, brass and some architectural model supply items, is two-channel radio controlled.  It is equipped with a full sound system that duplicates the rumble of the prototype's big diesel engine. 
40" long.   $4,000. 

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Current and in daily use today, this small ferry hauls road traffic across the Illinois River about 40 miles north of St. Louis.   The ship model was built using photos and personal experience.   For static display only and is mounted on a red oak plank.  This model can be easily converted to RC control.  Construction materials include basswood, brass, and parts from an architectural model supplier. 36" long.  $2,500 

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Sea Fox

C-3 Freighter


Built of basswood and brass, this plank-on-frame model ship was originally built for 2-channel radio controlled but now for static display only.   36" long.  $1,200  SOLD

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Chas. E. Ward



Built from Ward Engineering Co., Charleston, West VA drawings, this ship was to have been the first diesel-powered sternwheeler to eve fly the inland rivers.  Unfortunately, the ideal wasn't sold to a potential buyer. The basswood and brass model, however, makes an interesting little craft when afloat.  The ship model is propelled by her sternwheel which is driven by external pitmans.  The model responds well to commands from a 2-channel radio yet she makes a fantastic, static 1:48 scale model.  36" long.   $4,000 

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Horatio Wright


Horatio Wright once cleared logs, debris and stumps from the navigation channel.  The model, of basswood and brass, was built from a series of photos provided by the US Corps of Engineers.  For static display only.  Now exhibited in a river museum on indefinite loan.  36" long. 

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1850's sternwheeler Bertrand model was built for Mystic Seaport Museum.  Prototype was one of the early mountain-type boats fighting the Missouri River from St. Louis to goldfields near the Missouri's headwaters.  The model boat is plank-on-frame basswood construction, fully operational by 2 channel radio, propelled by sternwheel.  Scratch-built from drawings.  
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Verna and barges


This ship model was built for
Mystic Seaport Museum. Fiberglass hull and basswood superstructure.  Barges are basswood and loaded, one with coal and the other with pipeline pipe sections.  Operated by 2-channel radio.  Total length: 9 feet.  Scale: 1:48.  commission it.

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Early 1800's keelboat


Built of balsa and basswood, this boat model portrays a river freight hauler put into use after the day of the flatboat.  It was researched and built for Mystic Seaport Museum. 
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Early 1800's Ohio River Flatboat


Built for Mystic Seaport Museum, this boat model replicates a freight-hauling vessel of long ago.  Built of basswood, it is for static display only.  Constructed from text and old images. 
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HMS Victory

This HMS Victory is built with one side showing interior. 

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HMS Bounty

This HMS Bounty is built with one side showing interior. 

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Roman Galley


This galley has working oars.  

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Noah's Oak


This Noah's Ark has moving animals. 

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Robert E. Lee


This river boat runs with steam power, releases smoke, and horns. 

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