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cruise ship model

Later configuration

This 15" (38cm) long CELESTYAL NEFELI model has a superior hollow hull.  The superstructure is also hollow, containing many pieces of thin wood cut and assembled, not a thick carved piece of heavy wood.  This is a fine art model.  It is small but when you look carefully at the windows, you'll see they are real cuts, not cheap decal.  They straight and equal in size.   Only master craftsmen with a pursuit for perfection, equipped with state-of-the-art tools can produce models like this.  

"First of all I want to say that it is an amazing model you made. You placed a bag with lifeboats in the box but I could not find the smallest one. Do you have a solution for this missing lifeboat.  Thank you.  I love the model completely...

You can build the Celestyal Crystal model. For this ship model as well my Celestyal Olympia model, I will send you pictures of how I want them to look like. Thank you once more for the amazing Nefeli model...

I had models from SD Modelmakers but the last model wasn't like they said. What was wrong with the last model I got from SD?  The model was delivered 30 weeks later than planned so my grandfathers birthday was gone. Second, I knew a lot about cruise ships and the Splendor of the Seas model was not like the real one. The global lines in real life were different and the painting was different.  Plus the details could be better, portholes are not aligned.