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ocean liner model


SS United States is one of the world's greatest maritime achievements - a bold creation that proclaimed American supremacy at sea.

The SS United States smashed all Atlantic speed records on her maiden voyage in 1952, making the crossing in a record three days, ten hours and forty minutes.

This super liner stretches to 990 feet. When she was built, she was actually too big for the drydock in which she was constructed and extended above and beyond of the drydock doors.   With spacious accommodations for 2000 passengers and 1000 crew, each of her sailing was like a city racing on water.

The SS United States was subsidized by the American government, who in turn required that she be designed to be useful as a troopship if necessary.  Her propulsion systems were a closely-guarded government secret!

Although SS United States remained the fastest vessel on the North Atlantic, she could not compete with the speed of jet planes. In 1969, she was laid up near her birthplace in Hampton Roads, Virginia, for over 12 years.  Then, she was purchased for use as a cruise ship and changed hands several times.

In 1996, she was towed back to the SS United States and remained in Philadelphia. In 2003, she was purchased by Norwegian Cruise Lines. Although refitting her into a modern cruise ship will probably cost more than building a new vessel, she has an advantage a new-build cannot obtain: She was built in the US, which means she can carry passengers between American ports without calling abroad.

Though no longer in service, SS United States remains a proud icon of American ingenuity and naval engineering.  To this day, the record-breaking crossings of SS United States have yet to be broken.

The SS United States in in danger.   It could be scrapped if the United States Conservancy doesn't come up with half a million dollars. wants to help.  For each standard model that you purchase, and per your request, we will donate 10% of the sale proceed to the effort of saving the ship.   We feel that it doesn't make sense at all when the people from a wealthiest nation of earth can not raise $500,000 to save one of their most prominent technological monuments. 


This SS United States model features:

- Hollow hull construction  (very important), weighing less than 10 lbs  (A solid hull of this model would be over 30 lbs which feels like a heavy toy rather than an art piece.)

- Hollow superstructure is comprised of many individual thin pieces of wood glued together, not several solid pieces of wood stacking on top one another.

- Windows are cutouts (not black decals), thanks to the hollow structures.

-  No computer-printed paper deck

- >95% of parts are wood and metal

        36" long x 11" tall x 7 "wide  (including base)   $2,500    S & H is $90 

       48" long  $3,500    S & H is $150

      Add light feature to one of the above models:  $200        
(Cord can be unplugged from base for displaying without light.  Adjustable brightness level. Work with both  110v and 220v)

        62" long x 16" tall  x 7" wide  (including base)   Please click here

For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case

And click the blue wordings for our beautiful SS Independence model, SS Constitution model, and SS America model



"Hi Frank,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! My SS United States model arrived today and it's absolutely incredible, you guys do amazing work!

I just had two quick questions -

1) I had ordered the display case with brass trim, but my display case does not have them on it. I'm guessing they're a peel and stick type? Any chance you could mail them to me?

2) What do you recommend for cleaning the acrylic?

Thanks again, I haven't stopped staring at the model since it arrived!




"Just to let you know SS United States model and display case arrived safe and sound. Beautifully packaged. I think it could have withstood a direct nuclear strike. Interestingly, I flew over the real SS United States rusting in Philadelphia same day I got home to put the model into its display case. Such a pity to see such a great, beautiful ship deteriorate. I sailed her 4 times and on her sister ship SS America twice.  Best, Allan Hamilton"