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America's Cup first J-yacht winner

In answer to Thomas J. Lipton's challenge of 1929, the Americans designed four J-Class yachts as possible defenders.  Enterprise, Whirlwind, Yankee and Weetamoe were launched within a month of each other.

Enterprise was the first launched on 14 April 1930 and was later chosen as the Cup defender.  When designing Enterprise, Starling Burgess collected 20 years worth of information on races and analyzed wind conditions to get an idea of what the conditions in the 1930 Cup might be.  Enterprise had lightweight rigging and was the fastest of the four to windward in moderate airs.

Enterprise had a mast as tall as 165 feet and over 120 feet in length.  Her revolutionary aluminum mast and Vanderbilt's unparalleled professionalism beat J-Yacht Shamrock V all 4 races.  Lipton's dream of lifting the America's Cup ended with this challenge. He died the following year, after being awarded a special prize for sportsmanship.

The year 1930 saw the debut of an era of magnificent J-yachts in the America's Cup.  Gone were the gaff rigs, long bowsprits and booms, clouds of sail, and the enormous crews, to be replaced by the "marconi" or "Bermuda" rigs, 150-foot masts, 120-foot hulls and sophisticated "coffee-grinder" winches to control the sails. The boats were so expensive to build that there were only 10 units in existence. 



This Enterprise model features:

  • Scratch-built

  • Superior hollow hull construction method

  • Wooden and metal parts

  • Full sails

36" (92 cm) long x 52" tall $1,700  S & H is $220   SOLD OUT

18" (46 cm ) long x 26" tall  $1,200     S & H is $90  SOLD OUT.  Will be back in July 2017.

These model will be available again in summer 2017, quantity is extremely limited (we never have more than two models of the same vessel in stock).  If  we don't deliver by 9/2017, we will refund your money in full plus 5% interest.


"Thanks for the info Frank. By the way, I received the model yesterday and I love it!... It's exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to receiving the base so that I can set it up and proudly display it. Best regards, Brian Surdahl"

"Model arrived.  Hamilton reports it looks great.  Thank you.  You will probably hear from me  again.  Bert Lee"