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"Received the 2 display cases (for the Flying Fish and the Queen Mary) on Dec 1st....the transporter was terrific also your Shipping Department did a fantastic job regarding the crating and safety aspect of the contents...the Display Cases and likewise are beautifully crafted.  I am looking forward to the completion and shipment of the Bluenose in its display case. I am here with reminding you to make a display case for it also and secure the completed Bluenose into it. Happy Holidays to you; family and Staff.....All The Very Best to THE BEST.
Sal LoCascio, 12/4/2015"



We are perhaps the only company that offers fully assembled display cases.  Since it is made in-house, we are able to offer the best cases at the lowest market prices.  The acrylic is cell cast which is 10 times stronger than glass but half the weight.  Cell cast acrylic is the highest quality acrylic, crystal clear clarity and scratch resistant.  

Case's dimensions (not ship's dimensions):

Please specify the inside dimensions of the case during the checkout process.  It is recommended that the top acrylic be at least 4" longer, 2" taller, and 4" wider than the ship model.  If no special note is given, we'll make the case about 4" longer, 2" taller, and 4" wider than the ship model you are purchasing.  Note that the base will be about 1 inches longer and wider than the acrylic part.   We offer three types of finish: 1/wood grain, 2/wood smooth, 3/shiny black (but can be different colors per your request).  Please specify one during the checkout process.

We need about 10 days to complete your fully-assembled cases.

Since 2006, we no longer use glass for display cases as glass must be either very thin (look cheap) or very heavy.   Glass panels also need a wide wooden frame to support them.  Also glass cases must be shipped unassembled.  Assembling them is somewhat difficult. 

Length + Width + Height = less than 60 inches 
$690   S & H is $90
(Ocean liners under 36" long, speed boats under 40" long...)

                                              Add brass color trims (brushed aluminum)  $200   

                                              Add lighting                     $100   


Length + Width + Height = less than 95 inches 
$850  S & H $150
(Ocean liners under 48" long, smaller sailboats, Greek Trireme...)

                                              Add brass color trims  (brushed aluminum)   $300  

                                              Add lighting                     $150  


Length + Width + Height = less than 110 inches 
$990   S & H $220
(HMS Victory, USS Constitution...)

                                               Add brass color trims  (brushed aluminum)   $400   

                                              Add lighting                       $200   


Length + Width + Height = more than 110 inches => email us for a quote Please note that these measurements are for cases, not the boat model.


We now accept orders to make marquetry bases as shown below for $1,000 each.  This beautiful item is available only for model ships that we built. 


We also offer other exotic wood shown below (and more).  Any designs, any colors that you might have seen in art galleries, private collections, museums, just let us know,





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