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Thank you for visiting Model Ship Master's gallery.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us at or and we will reply promptly, usually within 24 hrs.   If you don't see our reply within a proper timeframe, please resend your email, as the internet might not work properly at times.  

Please note that a quote can't be given over the phone, as we need to perform preliminary research and  hold a discussion among team members.   So please fill out our very short form by clicking on the "COMMISSIONING" button on the blue column on the left for a quote.

When you write, please try to include everything that you need to know in one or two emails.  Efficiency is very important to us and we are reluctant to reply to a new inquiry more than two times. 

If you think you are not going with us on a particular item, we suggest that you still politely answer our emails.  It's great if you can state a simple reason.  Don't stay quiet.  You probably knew how good communication can benefit you, especially about something that is out of your area of expertise.  You'll never know that you will discover a few new things besides the mere look of a model boat.  You'll never know that you might need us a couple months later, after your great disappointment with another builder, or when you have a boat model in needs of repair in the future.  You courtesy to reply  also shows good business etiquette. 

If you can't find the information that you are looking for, please call  our toll free number (866) ART 1 ART.   Note that we prefer email communication which can be retrieved later on to avoid misunderstandings.   Also we don't have a dedicated front desk person and the best time to call is in the afternoon about 1-2 PM Pacific time which is our lunch time.  If you have to leave a message, please state clearly the name of the model ships that you are interested in.  We will not call back on general inquiries. 

No needs to call for stock status.   If you don't see the "sold out" notion next to the purchase button, the model is in stock and ready to ship in a couple days.  Tracking number is sent immediately after the model is shipped.  Please click here for more info. about packing and shipping.   Starting in 2015, our email system filters emails that contain phrases like "do you have this model in stock"... and automatically deletes them. 

Please do not ask for future availability of out-of-stock model ships, because we ourselves don't know that, as our priority is to complete custom-built ships first.  Note that sold-out models, once requested to be built again, is 10% higher in price.  Just send us a note saying something like "I'd like to order this ship model" and we need a commitment deposit of only  5-10% of the amount to complete it.   Many customers just went ahead and click the purchase button even the particular models were sold out.  We appreciated that and knew you were serious and appreciative of our work and will reciprocate.  THANKS for your support. 

For snail mail and check payments, please send them to:
PO Box 4606
Huntington Beach, CA 92605

Please note that we have never been affiliated with MotionsModel nor SDmodelsmakers.  We also don't have business with the airplane manufacturer in the Philippines that supplies model ships to those two entities.  In the recent months there've been several people who frankly stated that they wouldn't do anything with us if we were with those two.  The most recent complaint was about a gross negligence on a Japanese warship model IJN N... and  S... of the Seas ("The global lines are in real life different and the painting is different. Plus the portholes are not aligned," according to the buyer.)  Not too long ago SDMM subcontracted us to build a remote control yacht model and that's all.  SDMM also asked us to do repairs and supply display cases and we agreed.  

Model suppliers, especially in Asia, do not bother to contact us, as we are not interested in toy-like products that would devalue our customers' pride homes and businesses.   

Model Ship Master does not participate in bidding, especially to build hundreds of small ship models for gift shops or for ship launch ceremony.  Several model ships for a the important persons in the ceremony is Okay, not a dozen.  We are specialized in high-end model ships to be treasured for generations, not massive quantity of cheap ones.  If you fail to appreciate our quality just go ahead with other makers but do not try to get us into a bidding war with those who're specialized in solid hulls and resin molds.  As one of our clients noted: "Your warships are for captains, admirals, commanders... Theirs for low-ranking sailors."

We do not sell model ship plans that we do not draw.  If you want plans of a particular ship model, please state the name of that ship in your email.   Our maritime architect can draw plans for approximately $400 per ship. 

And please do not call for a donation or price reductions.  In certain circumstances, we offer some discount for a purchase of three and more models that ship at the same time.

Thanks and happy browsing.   Blessings!


We understand you might have concerns about using your credit card to make purchases online.  By utilizing 256 bits Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption technology (https, not http), Model Ship Master keeps your personal information safe.  All your ordering information is encrypted using a secure server for maximum security.  This process assures the safest handling of your credit card information.  

The SSL is provided by GeoTrust whose seal "Secured by GeoTrust" appears above the credit card logos on the left hand side column near the bottom.  Also, the site is scanned daily with the "Sitelock MALWARE-FREE" seal.  Please click on this link to test:
We work with law enforcement authorities to investigate and prosecute the fraudulent use of credit cards.  Our system verifies all addresses.  Your IP address will be automatically recorded as part of your order.  All fraudulent activities will be reported directly to the FBI and local law enforcement.