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Starting in 2014:

- We make work of art, not "toys" that are full of decal and faked materials.  80% of our workforce are the world's top performers.  If entered any competition, they would win all three medals.   Talent, accuracy, speed, and methodology are what propel us to excellence.   We mean to produce model ships that grace significant and beautiful places for many generations.  With the right amount of incentive, we promise you to exceed anything in the history of model making, by authenticity, quality, and overall beauty

- We have strict control for quality, and limit production to  fewer than ten model ships per month.  A group of 15-20 artisans can never meet the world's enormous demand for ship models and we must focus on quality rather than quantity.  This is why we do not need to advertise nor participate in boat shows.   We focus on models that are mostly between $3,000 and $5,000. 

- We thrive on repeated purchases and referral.  That's the main reason we have zero budget on advertising.  There have been countless customers who ordered our model ships over the course of 2, 3 years, patiently waiting for them to be built one by one.  References are available upon request.

- We use a professional DRSL camera to produce large, high-definition photos for your review.  Small photos tend to deceive the eyes and to hide faults or faked parts (i.e.  black decal for windows, plastic parts that look like chrome...)   We also show photos of the boat models during the construction process before painting to show their superior construction method

- We welcome the challenges of serving distinguished persons who are difficult to please, including but not limited to naval architects, ship designers and builders, museum curators, yacht owners, ship model collectors, and historians.

- Trust: We have done businesses with major museums, shipyards, naval establishments, cruise ship operators, yacht builders, engineering firms (i.e. Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, Maritime Museum of San Diego, the US navy, Privinvest, Great Lake naval training center, Oceania Cruises, Bettini Yacht, Chase Bank, and many more...)  We also can go anywhere in the USA and Europe to build your ship models.   References are available upon request.

- For vessels whose plans are not in existence or not released by shipyards, our naval architect can draw plans from official photos and historic information.  These plans are crucial for constructing accurate models.   We have provided this service to several museums and yours will be of the same standard.