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ATLANTIC sailboat model

When she passed the warship marking her finish in 1905, she set a record that hasn’t been bettered!

Built in New York in 1903, the 185 ft. Atlantic achieved its greatest fame in 1905 when she was one of 11 yachts to compete for the Emperor's Cup put up by Kaiser Wilhelm for a race from New York to Lizard Head, England.

Atlantic's professional captain Charles Barr drove the powerful schooner through a violent gale to the crossing in 12 days, 4 hours. Atlantic’s 348-mile day's run on May 23-24 has never been bettered. And her overall time was not beaten until 1968, when Eric Taberly's 58-foot trimaran made the passage in 10 days, 5 hours.

During WW II, Atlantic was transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard for antisubmarine duty. After the war, she was brought to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy for sail training. Towed to the Delaware River for breaking up a few years later, she was saved by a gentleman named Ward Bright. Mr. Bright’s plans to restore the vessel came to naught after his death in 1968, but the ship’s beautiful remains could still be seen on the river's Jersey shore nowadays.



This Atlantic classic schooner model features:

30" long x 21" tall x 4.5" wide    Full sail  $1,200  S & H is $90    out of stock

30" long x 21" tall x 4.5" wide    No sail   $1,000  S & H is $90    out of stock

41" long x 36" tall x 6.5" wide   Full sail   $1,900 S & H $150   out of stock