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SANTA  MARIA model ship

Christopher Columbus had three ships on his first voyage, the Niņa, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.  His flagship, the Santa Maria had 52 men aboard while the Nina and Pinta were each crewed by 18 men.  The Santa Maria took the lead in navigation, direction, and speed.

The Santa Maria was a nao and was not able to go near the coastline. However, she could carry a lot of cargo and it stood up well in bad weather.  The Niņa, the Pinta were caravels, with a shallower draft than a nao, did not have much cargo space, but were able to explore shallow bays and the mouths of rivers.

The Santa Maria , Niņa, and Piņta were all built with a small cabin called a “toldilla” on the stern deck for the captain and other officers.  This is where Columbus spent most of his time. The crew had to sleep anywhere they could find that was dry and out of the sun.  Since the ships only had one deck, the hold below would be full of supplies, bulge water, emptied pots from their toilet, and rats. Below deck was a place you would not like to be for very long.  After arriving in America and seeing the natives use hammocks, the sailors quickly adopted their use aboard ship.


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This Santa Maria model features:

  • Plank-on-frame construction (very important)

  • All parts are wooden or metal

  • Fine deck details

  • Realistic thin sails

  • Authentic rigging system comprised of many different sizes of rope

  • Full length masts and bowsprit per original blueprints

33" long x 24" tall x 14" wide  $2,700   S & H is $150  SOLD OUT

To add light feature:  $200       


"I would have gotten back to you sooner but I've been on vacation. Nonetheless, I must tell you how pleased I am with the "Santa Maria". The pictures you sent, as impressive as they were, do not adequately convey the beauty and elegance of the model itself. I congratulate you and your staff for a job superbly done. If I decide to obtain another model  (a very real possibility) I will most certainly be getting back to you.

                                                                                                    Best regards,




              You are viewing the world's best Santa Maria model produced by Model Ship Master.