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HMS SURPRISE tall ship model

In the middle of the Napoleonic era (1805), the French had captured most of Europe and intended to seize England, the final piece of the puzzle. In an effort to protect England from an invading force, the British Navy was ordered to intercept and destroy French vessels before they near the shoreline. Among them, HMS Surprise, received the specific instructions: "Intercept French Privateer, Acheron…you will sink, burn, or take her as prize."

Led by Jack Aubrey, the British ship found its way down to the Brazilian coastline. Ironically, however, it was the Acheron that took the Brits by surprise. Outmaneuvered and outgunned, HMS Surprise suffered significant damage, including the destruction of her rudder and the loss of many men. Managed to escape, the courageous Captain fixed up his battered ship and hunted down the superior Acheron for a showdown.  The final battle came when Aubrey gambled on superior seamanship and captured the Acheron. This achievement of HMS Surprise was unmatched throughout the world’s naval history.

Our HMS Surprise model is based from the Surprise in the novel by Patrick O'Brian.  It is not the HMS Rose which was converted to the HMS Surprise for the movie Master and Commander.  One significant difference is that the ship's wheel is behind the mizzen mast, not in front of the middle mast.   It also did not have fancy decoration on the stern.  (At typical frigate of the period did not have it.) 


hms surprise patrick novel hms surprise
hms surprise frigate model hms surprise ship model
hms surprise patrick o'brian hms surprise stern


This HMS Surprise model features:

   - Authentic rigging
   - Hollow-hull construction (very important)
   - All parts are wooden or metal
Copper-plated bottom

   -  Accurate, authentic boats
   - Real guns on real deck: metal barrels on wooden carriages sitting on real lower deck


      39" long x 29.5" tall x 12" wide  $2,900 S&H is $150    SOLD OUT

      To add light feature: $200    
             (Cord can be unplugged from base for displaying without light) 




"The ship arrived.  It is outstanding.  Looks just like the pictures!  I posted a picture on my facebook page and a friend has already inquired about how to get a model.  I have put your website address on my facebook page. It is really an instant heirloom.  I am so glad I found you guys. Thanks. Bradley C."


In March, 2008, Academy Award winner Richard King purchased our HMS Surprise model for his living room display.  Richard King was the sound editor of the movie Master and Commander