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The Sirius was a Royal Navy 6th Rate. She led the First fleet on their historic journey to establish a colony in Australia. The First Fleet was made up of eleven vessels, two navy ships HMS Sirius and HMS Supply and nine privately owned, contracted transports.

The Sirius carried a crew of about 160 men.  She was commanded by Arthur Phillip with John Hunter as second captain. Phillip would be in charge of the ship as part of the First Fleet, and then Hunter would be in charge after while Phillip was setting up the penal colony.

The First fleet contained 1,500 marines, officers, seamen and their families and 732 convicts.

HMS Sirius carried all the guns and ammunition for the Fleet. She left England on May 13, 1787, and sailed to Australia with stops at Santa Cruz, Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town. She reached Port Jackson eight month and a week later, on January 26.

Captain Arthur Phillip established the first colony in Australia at Sydney Cove inside Port Jackson in 1788. That colony grew to become Sydney. Captain Phillip landed to proclaim the first Australia Day and became the first Governor of the new nation.  Sirius remained with the settlement while most other ships of the fleet returned to England.

In October 1788, when the colony was short of supplies, HMS Sirius sailed east to Cape Town to get food. Leaving Cape Town in January 1789, she continued to travel east until she got back to Sydney in May. This eastward journey using the west winds, known as "the Roaring Forties" meant that the ship had sailed completely around the world. Rough seas near Tasmania smashed her figurehead and badly damaged the front of the ship.

In March 1790 the Sirius went to Norfolk Island to deliver more soldiers, convicts and supplies. She was able to unload the people, but bad weather made getting the supplies ashore impossible. Four days later Captain Hunter tried to land the supplies in Sydney Bay. The ship drifted too far into the bay and was wrecked on a reef on March 19. All the crew were rescued. Over the next two week most of the supplies were saved as well.

The loss Sirius was a major disaster for the settlements at Port Jackson and Norfolk. In command at the time was Captain John Hunter, later the second governor of New South Wales.



This HMS Sirius model  features:

- Scratch-built from official plans supplied by a museum in the U.K.
Superior hollow hull construction technique
- Billowing sails, a ModelShipMaster's exclusive feature
95% of parts are wooden or metal
Copper-plated bottom, with individual copper pieces
- Blackened metal cannons and wooden carriages

39" long x 30" tall x 13" wide    $2,500   S&H is $150  SOLD OUT


"The Sirius arrived yesterday and I would like to thank you and your team for a beautiful piece of work. The quality is truly impressive.  Regards, Mark."