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   is a U.S. company located in southern California, about 25 miles from Los Angeles International Airport. The company was founded in 2000.

We produce works of art. Our team always look for ways to increase the prestige of our products and we have pioneered many features that had never been seen in the history of model making. Our passion did not go unnoticed. In March 2009, Mr. Ray Ashley -- the president of the world famous Maritime Museum of San Diego -- reached out to commission four ships. Today, our models are displayed in major museums such as the Smithsonian Museum, Coast Guard Museum NorthWest, Mariners' Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, National Museum of the American Sailor. Training centers value accuracy the most, and our models have been commissioned by the United States Naval War College, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Naval Postgraduate School. Not only reputable public institutions, prestigious private shipyards such as Privinvest, Benetti, Hargrave Custom Yachts, Midnight Express have also conducted great businesses with us.

Our workforce is comprised of a dozen artists. The newest member is from Spain, joining our team in September 2020. Their hands are like those of the heart surgeon Vivien Thomas of John Hopkins hospital. Within ModelShipMaster's innovative culture, they have created many products that are so distinct, so difficult that no other builders hope to emulate. These products are destined to become some of the rarest nautical art pieces in the world.

After over 20 years of gratifying work, many members of our team start thinking about giving back. We want to create the world's first comprehensive maritime museum. We have visited many nautical museums and felt that the ship models in those museums seemed to be collected randomly by many successive curators and, as a result, the museums offer very little educational benefit. Our envisioned world-class museum will have many spacious rooms, each features one type of ships and changing themes (i.e. Ships that Break Records, Naval Battles of WWII, American Civil War's Battles, Historic Submarines, Maritime Innovations that Changed the World, Famous Yachts, Most Loved Boats...) The models will be large, 4'-6' long, for effective learning and pleasing visual. In the front stand several massive 15'-20' models to strike everlasting impression. Outside, we plan to have a pond to reenact famous battles (the ships are connected to runways on the bottom of the pond and the whole acts are computerized.) This endeavor requires high finance and we are seeking assistance or partnership. After the initial development is completed, private benefactors and corporate sponsors will come and we will be able to give out free passes to the public. For interior design, we are inspired by this one: Palm Spring Museum of Art.

Our ability to make ship models is far superior than anybody else. Our team is simply a better team: better knowledge, better skills, better commitment. If you see something that you 'like' somewhere, we will make one that you will 'love'. Take our Coast Guard line as an example. We started the line in 2020 - more than 10 years after a prominent Coast Guard model maker, but all of our models are much better, and the Coast Guard Museum Northwest reached out to commission a model in 2023.

It is the passion to create spectacular art works that has propelled us to the indisputable leader status today. Some companies focus on tall ships, but their products can barely match our current tall ships. Some prize themselves on warships, but their accuracy lags so far behind. Sweat shops in third-world countries try to copy our models and send containers of junk to America.

ModelShipMaster is the only company in the USA who refuses to mix junk in its offerings. We are a standalone company; we sell what we produce. No drop-shipping, no fake, no horrible cheap 'models'.

Amid the trade tension between the US and China, some might wonder if we have our products made in China. The answer is no. Chinese (unlike Japanese) can no longer produce exquisite handmade works of art.

During over 20 years of existence, ModelShipMaster has contributed to the world in many meaningful ways. Many famous ships get their first model built. Decent models are constructed not only for the serious collectors and the wealthy but also for millions to view in museums. Take the USS Monitor as an example. In the whole history of model making, nobody else has come close to the look of the real iconic vessel. That's why National Museum of the American Sailor acquired our model in 2023. Our accurate models such as the SS Normandie contribute to the preservation of greatest ocean liners. Other models help accentuate prestigious businesses and beautiful homes alike: classic yacht Sequoia and Christina O, tall ship USS Constitution. Without ModelShipMaster, correct and beautiful models of significant maritime marvels such as the Harmony of the Seas would never exist. In this business, what separates us from the rest is that we care about accuracy and prestige more than money. We are determined to produce many more best-of-breed models for the distinguished collectors in the next decade before retired.