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If you are searching for someone who can build a ship model that can be donated to a famous museum whose curator is very picky, you have come to the right place.

If you want a highly accurate model ship to show potential buyers the uniqueness and ingenuity of your vessel's designs, you have come to the right place.   

If you are having a booth in a trade show and wish to make a lasting impression with a grand replica of your vessel instead of boring flyers like everybody else's, you have come to the right place.

If you are planning for a ceremony which involves a ship's officers or some dignities, this is the place for you.

If you are looking for a unforgettable present for that special person, rest assured that you have found it.

If you need an intriguing object that can help build rapport or to make a statement, you don't have to wait.   Or if your home has good spots to show off three dimensional art pieces, many of our model ships will be often remarked by your guests as veritable jewels.  

If you come in contact with art frequently, know what's good or bad, and can never accepts fake materials, you have come to the right place.

If you own a vessel, a yacht and know nothing about boat modeling.  Or if other model ship makers turn down your ship because it is too difficult to make, or if you doubt their ability to make such a meticulous model, go to ModelShipMaster.  You may relax and leave everything to the masters who will take very good care of your three-dimensional art piece.

ModelShipMaster is unmatched in the business of making premium ship models.  We have a rare combination of engineering skills and artistic talent under one roof.  Sure some other companies can make nice looking ships but can they produce this kind of genuine details?  And check out our realism rust markings on our submarine models such as this one to see who else can.  Individual attention is evident throughout our boat models.

We can build any model ships, at any scales.  For ships that have no plans or blueprints, we can draw them from photos.  Our staff has drawn for museums such as National Maritime Museum Antwerpen in Belgium and The Navy Museum of Brest in France.  Please click here to view some samples: Ship Plans drawn by Model Ship Master.

All of our models have hollow superstructures, and hollow hulls.  This is not only about realism and authenticity but also value.  Our models don't feel like toys that are top heavy and have numerous dark vinyl decal markings.  

During the construction process, we will send you updated photographs for your keepsake and also possible light modifications.  To commence the construction process, 0nly an initial deposit of 30%-50% of the amount is needed.  Nothing else is due until the model is completed and ready for shipping.

If you are a commercial ship builder/operator or a repeated customer, only 10% of the amount is needed. 

For ship builders, especially military establishments, we can sign non-disclosure-agreements. If your designs are highly proprietary, we must respectfully decline the project.  A possible solution is that we can come to your facility to build the model.  Or you you can strip the plans off those features.  For example, Benetti's supplied plans without the hull details for two waterline models of their newest yacht Mediterraneo 116.

To get a quote, please copy the following form onto your email, complete it, and send it to

(Instruction on how to copy the form: Click in front of the "1/", then hold down "shift" key on your keyboard.  While your left finger is on the "shift" key,  simultaneously click on the down arrow key  until the end of the form is highlighted.  Then lift both fingers from the keyboard.  Now put your left finger on "ctrl" and while it's there, click on "C".  That action copies the whole form.  Now you can place the form in your email by putting your left finger on "ctrl" and while it's there, click on "V." )

1/ Name of the vessel:

2/ The length of the model should be longer than __inches and shorter than__inches

3/ What is the purpose for this model (Sale presentation, general trade show, business or home display, gift...)

4/What is your relationship with this vessel:

5/ Preferred quality:
         Museum quality.  Click here for samples
         Good quality 

6/ What do you have?
        Very detailed construction plans  
        Fairly detailed plans  
        Photos showing many angles of the real vessel
        Not much, Model Ship Master will do the research

7/ How fast do you want it to be completed:   
       Two months (rush)

       Three months (average time)
       About five months (lower price for you)
8/ Cost should be in the range of (the higher the price, the better the product):
       Over $7,000          

9/ Special Note:


Please note that all quotes are good for 10 days.  If we don't feel your enthusiasm or more orders have been received during that time frame, prices and time will change. 

Below are photographs of some projects:

        custom boat model      

The following are representative photos of the new products that we added to custom orders starting 1/2014.  To get a quote, please send us an email.




We not only make model ships from scratch but also build your model kits.  We solve many of the problems in kit manufacturing.  For example, we make hinged doors that move, glass-like windows that are transparent, and realistic cannons under deck...   The pictures below shows how a model improves after getting our personal attention. 

Many, after receiving their beautiful model ships, asked us how we could make money building the models with that kind of materials and labor?  The answer would be that we make just enough to live on and do what we love to do.  Most of us, although having been in the trade for over 20 years, do not own a house.  Occasionally we receive tips/bonus from customers and those gifts really give our families good times.  For artisans who can build models of multi-million dollar yachts, having an old, little wooden boat to enjoy a weekend at sea seems to be a dream too far away...

"I saw several Web sites that showed a couple of excellent large photos of a WWII warship.  I thought the model was a big wooden one but turned out it was from a plastic built from a 1/350 kit fitted with mass-produced brass etch details...  I think that's the reason they do not show many photos of their other models which I am pretty sure have solid hulls and numerous plastic parts.  Ed B."

""I just unpacked my Wanderer and it is beyond my highest hopes. You did a masterful job in recreating this historic whaler! It is the centerpiece of my "man cave" and I'm sure will become a family heirloom. 
Almost equally amazing was the craftsmanship of the shipping crate. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about how such a large, detailed and delicate model would survive the transport but your custom fitted crate supported and protected it perfectly. I did manage to break 2 of the delicate chains in the bow rigging as I removed some packing tape. My fault, but I am sure I can fix it myself. Would it be possible for you to send me about a foot of chain? Thank you for everything and feel free to post this if you like, Terry."

"I recieved the long expected crown jewel yesterday. What a fabolous piece of work.  I am so impressed! Especially the car deck with real working door hinges, it just blew me away! This will be a family heeirloom from me to my son, who also couldnt stop staring when he saw it... Thanks again modelshipmaster for making my dreams come true!  With the best regards, Max"

"So here are the images of the Sahodara as promised. These were taken by a professional photographer paid by the school and this model was chosen for the photo session... The model came out great! She gathered a lot of attention at the Grad Show and everybody loved her! Great job, I'm really happy!  All the best in 2011!!  Jorge"

"Just unpacked the Roraima ship.  She is far above expectations.  Thank you very much for this work.  Some of my friends seeing it may become customers to you very soon.  I'll let you know.  Have a nice day.  Bruno in France."

"I have been a good custom and purchased several ships from you in the past.  I am interested in having the Ranger and John Barry's Alliance made for me.  I am a history teacher and have brought several of your ships into class as part of my presentations and lessons concerning the war years of the Revolutionary War.  Please give me an idea of each project, cost, Ect... Thank You, Marc N."

"Model Ship Masters,
I received by commissioned model of the White Star Liner - SS Canopic this morning.  I have not completely unpacked it yet but from what I see so far it is absolutely spectacular.  I am very pleased and impressed with the accuracy, attention to detail, superior packing, etc.  Please give my compliments to the builder or builders of this fine model - the only known model the SS Canopic in the world.  I will not hesitate to have Model Ship Masters build my next custom model!
Sincerely, Jason J. D., M.D."


"Received your email to order REX.  Price 2,300 plus $90shipping.  Interested in lighting option for $200 extra all I need someone to contact me for order.  My # 917 841 xxxx you can call anytime. I have ordered models from Motion Models and SD Model Makers wish I would have found you sooner.  Anthony L."

Love the REX. I would like to commission for your company to build this ship for me. I immigrated to America on this ship in 1952... I'm asking for a length of 42" and obviously as much detail as possible. This is very important to me. Can you get back to me at your convenience also I would want it built to scale. Thank much.  Anthony L."






In-stock models once sold out won't be made again until all custom orders of the same vessel types are completed.

If you find photos of a nice model on the Internet and you want us to build a similar one but with quality materials, realistic appearance, and authentic construction method, just let us know.  Our models never feel like heavy toys that are full of dark color decal.