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The interior is customized to meet the needs of each customer, with standard feature of  the microwave, espresso machine and TV screen.   The cabin has a lavatory and the seating area can be converted into a daybed if necessary.

There are two versions of the boat: One that reaches a top speed of 45 knots costs around $1.6 million; the premium version— the AM37 S — can race up to 50 knots by a pair of 520 horsepower Mercury engines and costs roughly $2.1 million.  Aston Martin plans to construct no more than 10 boats per year. 

The AM37 has been in the works for two years and marks Aston Martin's first foray into the boating industry.  Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman said “AM37 is a pure translation of the Aston Martin DNA into an entirely new maritime concept.  The powerboat reflects our values in terms of power, beauty and soul... the AM37 is a striking boat with fantastic proportion and elegance."   It's sort of the yacht equivalent of a convertible. The rear deck retracts so that a retractable sunshade can move up and over the passenger area. 

The AM37 debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2016.  The company confirmed that it sold its first boat even before launch to a customer who placed an order after seeing a sketch of the design.  Production time is about 32 weeks.


This 24" (62 cm) long Aston Martin powerboat model was started in January and will be completed in July 2017. 

Or let us build your another boat for your by clicking on this link: Quotation for a luxury motorboat model.