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J. P. Morgan's yacht   

The famous J.P. Morgan's yacht Corsair was built in 1891.  She employed both sail and steam for propulsion.

The Corsair served eight years for J.P. Morgan before she was purchased for $225,000 by the US Navy for service in the Spanish-American War.  She was renamed USS Gloucester.  Lt. Richard Wainright, the last commander of the famous USS Maine, commanded her.

USS Gloucester was classified as a gunboat. She was armed with four 6-pounder and four 3-pounder guns as well as two Colt machine guns.  At the battle of Santiago Bay, Cuba, July 3, 1898, when the Spanish fleet was bottled up inside the bay by the US Navy and about to exploit a break in the lines of the US Navy's dreadnaughts in order to escape, the USS Gloucester dove through the breech with its guns blazing, disrupting the Spaniards long enough for the dreadnaughts to maneuver back into position.

At the onset of  the battle, as the Spanish destroyers appeared, USS Indiana sent out a signal stating "Torpedo boats coming out". However, Wainwright claimed he read the signal as "Gunboats close in" as an excuse to cover the Gloucester's disregard of orders.  The Gloucester attacked, crossing the battleship USS Indiana's line of fire, causing her to stop firing.

Gloucester fiercely attacked the Spanish destroyer Furor and jammed her rudder, rendering her unable to continue the fight.  When the major battleships engaged, the small Gloucester changed her role.  She launched boats to rescue 45 of the crewmen from Spanish destroyer Pluton that had been blown up.  She bravely steamed to the burning hulks of the Infanta MariaTeresa and the Almirante Quendo and picked up more Spanish survivors.  Gloucester lost no men in the engagement.

On July 25, 1898, Gloucester attacked and captured the Spanish port of Guanica in Puerto Rico. On August 1, 1898, she and USS Wasp took the port of Arroyo in Puerto Rico and held it until the army arrived a day later.

Beginning on November 15, 1902, Gloucester served as tender for the Commander in Chief of the South Atlantic Squadron.  She steamed in the West Indies and off the coast of South America.

USS Gloucester was decommissioned on February 8, 1905 at Pensacola.   On April 7, 1917, USS Gloucester was recommissioned.  She patrolled harbors around New York during WWI.  On August 12, 1919, she was struck from the Navy List and sold on November 21, 1919.




Like all of our superyacht models, this Corsair yacht model has the following qualities:

- Plank-on-frame (very important), hollow hull construction, weighing less than 10 lbs (A solid hull of this model would weigh over 30 lbs that would feel rather like a toy.)
- The hollow superstructure is comprised of many individual thin pieces of wood glued together, not several solid pieces of wood stacking on top one another.
- Windows are cutouts (not black decals), thanks to the hollow structures.
- >99% of parts are wood and metal. 

32" long x 19" tall x 4 wide (34" long x 6" wide base)    $2,600   

Shipping and handling cost: for shipment in the USA: $90, Canada and Hawaii $180, Europe, Middle East and Africa $240, Australia and East Asia $310.  It will be added automatically during the checkout process.  Model will arrive in about seven days.  Express 2-day service in the USA is also available during the checkout process.

The smaller model was constructed for JPMorgan Chase Historical Collection and is not for sale.

Please click here for a display case for your model: Model ship display case

In July, 2011, delighted with Model Ship Master's previous work, JPMorgan Chase Historical Collection ordered the second exact model to gift  Chase's senior executives. 


"I thought the work was exceptional and the model beautiful.  The only feedback I would provide is that the Corsair flag is missing and we couldn't find reference to the name or which version of the Corsair this model represents.  I think it's the second one, but not sure.  Other than that, it was really great!  The chairman is out of the office this week, so no one in his office has seen it,
just the staff here in the History Program.

Many thanks again!

Warm regards,
Jean Elliott
Director, Corporate History Program
JPMorgan Chase Bank"