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Designed by engineer Sir Charles Parsons in 1894, Turbinia was the world's first ship powered by steam turbines. Many years later, Turbinia remained the easily fastest ship in the world, capable of reaching 34.5 knots! 

On June 26th, 1897, at the Navy Review for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Turbinia turned up unannounced in front of Prince of Wales, Lords of the Admiralty and foreign dignitaries.  As an audacious publicity stunt, she raced between the two lines of large warships and zipped up and down in front of the crowd, easily evading a Navy picket boat that tried to stop her, swamping it with her wake. 

From this clear demonstration of her speed and power, Turbinia Works at Wallsend was established to construct the engines for two destroyers, HMS Viper and HMS Cobra, which were launched in 1899. 

Turbinia set the standard for the next generation of steamships.  The first turbine-powered merchant vessel, the Clyde steamer TS King Edward, followed in 1901.  The Admiralty confirmed in 1905 that all future Royal Navy vessels were to be turbine-powered, and in 1906 the first turbine-powered battleship, the revolutionary HMS Dreadnought, was launched. 

On October 30th, 1994, 102 years after her launch, Turbinia was put on display to the public in March 1996 at Newcastle's Museum of Science and Engineering.  She was listed in the Core Collection of the National Historic Fleet in 2000.



This TURBINIA model features:

  • Scratch-built

  • plank-on-frame (very important)

  • All parts are wooden or metal

  • Color and features are of the time the ship's surprise appearance June 26th, 1897. 

24" long x 8.5" tall x 4.5" wide (base) x 2.5" wide (ship)     $1,300  S & H is $70


For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case