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                            COMMERCIAL SHIP MODELS

Did you know that just like aircrafts, ships were going drone?  Click here for more info.

Also click to read our article about floating nuclear power plans.

We have supplied many model ships to nautical museums, shipping operators, ship builders, marine engineers, business executives... Please click on this ship models link to view some samples.

Please click on this link to see samples of our superior products: Quality Statement

"I received the model of the Fitzgerald, it is a great piece of art your company builds... One of the orange life rings is missing and wonder if you could send me one of those so I can attach. Could you also send me availability on what Tall Ships you would have that I can purchase?  Thanks Again,   Jim H."

"The next time I will be able to return home will be around December of this coming year so that can extend the amount of time you have to work on the model and I'm assuming will also drop the price a little bit possibly? SDModelmaker has a booklet in the local Navy Exchange here but their ships quality doesn't even compare to the quality and the customizability you provide. Devin J. R. QM 3, USS Bainbridge"

Bu Samra


"Q" stands for Qatar and "Max" for the maximum size of ship able to dock at the LNG terminals in Qatar.  Tanker ships of this type are the largest LNG carriers in the world.  This 38" (1 meter) long LNG tanker ship model
was commissioned by National Grid/Grain LNG.

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Benjamin Franklin



Benjamin Franklin was 18,000 TEU and about a third larger than the biggest container ships that typically visit the deep water ports of southern California.  The December 26, 2015 arrival at the Port of Long Beach marked the first time a ship of this size had been used in North America. 

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Connor Bordelon‏

This model is commissioned by Bordelon Marine for their coming up show in Dec 3rd, 2014. 

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Brandon Bordelon‏

This model is commissioned by Bordelon Marine for their coming up show in Dec 3rd, 2015. 

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Edmund Fitzgerald


The first 730-foot Great Lake freighter, Edmund Fitzgerald made a name for herself by setting a number of cargo records during her lifetime.  This extremely handsome ship was well known to both casual and serious ship watchers, notably as a result of the antics of her longtime master, Capt. Peter Pulcer, who did his best to entertain anyone who might be watching his vessel.  This freighter ship model is 48" long.

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Sertao drillship

The drillship Sertao operates in high pressure, high temperature wells.  It is capable of drilling wells up to 11,400 meters deep in depth water up to 3,000 meters.  

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Northern Leader
fishing vessel

The NORTHERN LEADER is the largest and most innovative commercial fishing longliner built in the U.S. in over 20 years.  The vessel employs advanced technology which substantially reduces fuel consumption which is a major profitability driver.

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Jahre Viking


Jahre Viking was a supertanker and as such held the record for the world's largest ship.  The ship was also known under the names Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, and Knock Nevis.  She has a draft of 81 feet when fully loaded, which makes it impossible for her to navigate even the English Channel, let alone the man-made canals at Suez and Panama.  

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Arctic Princess

The Arctic Princess is the first LNG carrier that is employed for carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the world's northernmost LNG development--Snohvit.  She is also the largest LNG carrier ever built.  A full cargo load of LNG is sufficient to cover the yearly energy consumption of all households in a city with a population of 45,000 people!   This LNG carrier model ship is 40" long.

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The SS Manhattan was the biggest ever US icebreaker in history.   She was the first commercial ship to cross the Northwest Passage in 1969.  For this voyage she had been refitted with an icebreaker bow.  The voyage prompted discussions in Canada about that country's sovereignty in the Arctic. 

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau, a French oceanographer whose numerous inventions and underwater techniques used Calypso in the 1950's  to unravel the secrets of the sea.   

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Maersk Alabama


MV Maersk Alabama is a container ship owned by Maersk Line Limited. It was hijacked by pirates near Somalia in 2009 and its crew held hostage. This event ended after a rescue effort by the U.S. Navy on 12 April 2009. It was the first successful pirate seizure of a ship registered under the American flag since the early 19th century.  The Maersk Alabama container ship model is 36" in length.

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This 40.5" model of the driving support vessel TEXAS is being made for its owner, for a ceremony in December, 2015.   Work commenced in October, 2015.

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RO-RO ship

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter.  This is in contrast to lift-on/lift-off (LoLo) vessels, which use a crane to load and unload cargo.

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MV Puyallup


MV Puyallup is a Jumbo Mark II Class ferry operated by Washington State Ferries. This ferry, along with her two sisters, are the largest in the fleet.  In the winter of 2013 she was hauled and her hull was stripped down to bright steel for a thorough inspection and scheduled maintenance. She was also fitted with new five bladed propellers as an experiment to reduce vibration and increase efficiency.

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NOAA Ronald Brown


The NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown (R-104) is a blue-water research vessel of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  She is NOAA's only Global Class research ship, also the largest vessel in the NOAA fleet.  

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NOAA Nancy Foster


The NOAA Ship Nancy Foster (R-352) is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel that was originally built as a Navy yard torpedo test craft.  She employs state of the art navigation and propulsion systems resulting in high quality and efficient data collection. 

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Triaster was a general purpose cargo ship built in 1955, with 9994 grt.  This model was commissioned by one of her sailors.

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Emma Mærsk



The world’s biggest container ship  Emma Mærsk was fitted with the largest diesel engine ever manufactured (110,000 hp).  She beat all former containerships by 10% and can  carry 13,000 containers all over the world.  This container ship model is 48" long.

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Asia Vision LNG tanker model ship


The Asia Vision tanker made history when it left Sabine Pass in Texas loaded with U.S.-produced LNG for Brazil.  The historic sailing represents the first cargo of liquefied U.S. shale gas, and the first U.S.-produced non-Alaskan LNG cargo to be sold for export since 1957. 

Milwaukee Clipper

The Milwaukee Clipper featured air conditioned staterooms, a children's playroom, a movie theater, a dance floor with a live band, a soda fountain, bar, cafeteria known for its cuisine, lounges and sports deck, and capacity to carry 120 automobiles.   She was also called the "Queen of the Great Lakes" and carried around 900 passengers and 120 automobiles in the summer. 

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City of Milwaukee
Car Ferry

SS City of Milwaukee is the last unmodified traditional railroad car ferry afloat upon the lakes, still with her triple expansion steam engine, original woodwork and brass fixtures.   She is permanently moored as a museum in Manistee, Michigan.   

ss city of milwaukee
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Hellespont Fairfax


The Hellespont Fairfax is the largest  supertanker in the world.  Hellespont Fairfax elevates standards for large tanker strength and speed and has a number of unusual features, including full-time inerting of the ballast spaces for safety and corrosion protection and a white paint system to protect internal coatings.  This commercial tanker ship model is 40" in length.

Hellespont Fairfax model
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Tanker Manhattan


The oil tanker SS Manhattan was the biggest ever US merchant vessel as well as the biggest icebreaker in history.  She was the first commercial ship to cross the Northwest Passage in 1969.  For this voyage she had been refitted with an icebreaker bow.  The voyage prompted discussions in Canada about that country's sovereignty in the Arctic. 

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Great Eastern


Great Eastern was a monster for its time,  six times larger than any ship ever built before.  Great Eastern is perhaps best remembered as the ship that laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable.  It was the only ship large enough to carry the length of cable required. The cable linking America with Europe was put in place in September, 1866. 

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NS Savannah


NS Savannah was the first nuclear-powered cargo ship.  After her, only three more were ever built.   She also holds the title of the first nuclear-powered vessel to cross the Atlantic Ocean.  Designed as a showboat, her pretty lines and luxurious staterooms were more important than cargo capacity. 
NS Savannah
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Smit Rotterdam


At the time of her completion in 1975, Smit Rotterdam was the largest and most powerful tugboat in the world. She is 75 meters long and has a 22,000 HP engine!   This tugboat model is 37" in length.


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Tugboat Sanson was designed and built in 1915 for ocean travel. The wooden tugboat covered vast distances in rough weather over the high seas.  This turn-of-the-century rugged steam tugboat with jaunty lines pushed the ocean liners into port. 

Sanson tugboat model
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Prince Madog
exploration vessel

State-of-the-art, research vessel Prince Madog was commissioned by Bangor University using a £2.8 million Joint Infrastructure Fund grant.  Being able to accomodate up to 10 scientists and 20 students, the vessel assists the UK's marine scientists to study the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of our seas. 

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Deepwater Pathfinder

Deepwater Pathfinder is designed to be the safest and most technologically advanced drill ship in the world.  She uses satellite and ocean-bottom positioning systems to remain precisely in position, even in harsh weather.  

deepwater pathfinder model
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John Ericsson


Whaleback freighters like the John Ericsson plied the shipping lanes of the Great Lakes starting in the 1890s.  John Ericsson was launched at Superior, Wisconsin in 1896.  Her special hull was designed to be more stable in the rough waters of the Great Lakes.  This freighter ship model is 37" long.

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Crown of Scandinavia


MS Crown of Scandinavia is a cruise ferry operated by DFDS Seaways on a route connecting Copenhagen, Denmark to Oslo, Norway. The ship was built in 1994 by Brodogradilište Split in Croatia.   This car ferry model is 48" long.

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Afric Star


Afric Star of Blue Star line fleet
was built in Middlesbrough, England by the Smith's Dock Company Ltd.  Construction of the ship completed in 1975.  She measured 155.81' long' and was powered by a 9-cylinder B&W diesel engine that could propel the ship up to 24 knots.  Afric Star was an "A"-Class fully refrigerated five hatch cargo ship, fitted with banana doors.  This cargo ship model is 36" in length.

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Australia Star 3


Gross tonnage: 17,082. Net : 8930. Propulsion: 6-Cyl Sulzer oil engine of 17,400 bhp by Barclay Curle & Co. Ltd., Glasgow.  Type: Fully refrigerated container ship 721 T.E.U, 6 passengers. 

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SS Roraima


The Roraima was a steal hulled Quebec Line steamship. She was transporting a cargo of potassium when the eruption occurred. Her combustible cargo caught fire, and she burned for three days before sinking.   This cargo steamship model has two versions: new and decayed.

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container ship


The Euroliner, launched in 1971, is a pioneer commercial merchant container ships that used complete gas turbine powered method for propulsion.  This merchant container ship is the only one exists in the world.   

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Go West


Go West was a ship that represented the wave of Chinese smaller freight vessels built to carry exported good to the West in the 1950s.  This freighter ship model is a custom model and not for sale.

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The Yukon was an Alaska's passenger ship.  This model of the Yukon was commissioned by
the Wings Over Alaska Museum.  It was completed in July 2008.  




The term "hydrofoil" is commonly used for the wing-like structure mounted on struts below the hull of a variety of boats, which lifts the boat out of the water during forward motion, in order to reduce hull drag.

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LNG carrier Ob River
model ship


On December 6th, 2012, the LNG carrier Ob River made history! She successfully completed the world's first LNG shipment through the Northern Sea Route and reached the port of Tobata, Japan after a month of traveling from the port of Hammerfest, Norway. In the harsh winter condition she was escorted by several nuclear ice breakers.  Coming soon.


Seven Viking
Ship of the Year 2013

Seven Viking's X-BOW hull line reduces motion in transit and gives increased stability in the high waves in the North Sea. Despite this enviable stability usually associated with size, this vessel measures only 106.5 meters long and 24.5 meters wide. The small size allows the Seven Viking to manoeuveur with ease in confined spaces, such as between platforms, accessing difficult to reach areas.  Coming soon.

You are viewing Model Ship Master's gallery of commercial model ships, container ship models, oil tanker models, LNG ship model, and cargo ship models, car ferry models, freighter, Ro Ro ship models...  If you want for a premium model ship that contains quality materials and meticulous Superior hollow hull construction method, we are here for you.   We hope that you have your vessel's plans but if you don't, our talented artisans can draw plans from photos and technical information.

"Received your email to order REX.  Price 2,300 plus $90shipping.  Interested in lighting option for $200 extra all I need someone to contact me for order.  My # 917 841 xxxx you can call anytime. I have ordered models from Motion Models and SD Model Makers wish I would have found you sooner.  Anthony L."

Love the REX. I would like to commission for your company to build this ship for me. I immigrated to America on this ship in 1952... I'm asking for a length of 42" and obviously as much detail as possible. This is very important to me. Can you get back to me at your convenience also I would want it built to scale. Thank much.  Anthony L."