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the deadliest catch boat

The F/V Northwestern is an Alaskan crab, Pacific cod, and salmon tendering fishing vessel featured in the Discovery Channel series Deadliest Catch.  The vessel is owned and operated by the Hansen family of the State of Washington; the current captain is Sig Hansen and his brothers, Edgar and Norman, are both deckhands/engineers on the ship.  Sig's daughter Mandy has fished on the boat during salmon season, and has been an intermittent crew member during crab seasons.

Today, the Northwestern continues to fish Red King Crab, Tanner Crab, and Opilio crab.  It is also only one of few boats that engages in pot cod fishing as well.  The Northwestern was one of the few vessels to fish for Blue King Crab in 2009 after completing its Red King Crab season.  During the summer, the vessel keeps busy tendering (transporting fish from the vessels at sea to the floating processors, allowing the fishing boats to stay on the grounds rather than make repeated trips back to port) salmon and herring, usually under the command of Edgar Hansen.

The Northwestern is one of the most successful boats in the crab fishing fleet.  It continues to meet its quota and bring in money for the crew and family; the vessel won both the tonnage and price titles in both the final King Crab derby in 2005 and the final Opilio crab derby in 2006, and as a result, her share of the available quota under the new IFQ fishing rules is among the largest in the fleet. 

This model 39" long (1 meter) model of the North Western fishing boat is scheduled to be completed in Xmas 2017.   Only two is available.  Preorder it now 
$2,900   S & H is $220