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USS Olympia model


USS Olympia served as Commodore George Dewey's flagship during the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898.  In that engagement, Spanish naval forces in the Philippines were handed a smashing defeat.  The decisive battle expanded the United States' role not only as a major force in the Pacific but also world affairs.

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USS Maine model


USS Main was unique at the time in that she was purely the product of American naval design, and was built at a U.S. Naval Yard.  In fact, USS Main is the largest vessel to be actually built in a U.S. Navy Yard.  Main was a showpiece for the United States Navy and was given many ceremonial tasks.  The sinking of the USS Maine pushed the US into war with Spain.    

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USS Oregon model


USS Oregon run from the Pacific to the Atlantic at the outbreak of hostilities.  She took part in the destruction of the Spanish Fleet at Santiago, Cuba, attacking eight Spanish vessels.  She was called a "bulldog" at the battle of Santiago as she appeared as a tough dog, speeding into a fight, and the white wake off her bow appeared as a "bone" clenched in a dog's teeth. 

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Massachusetts BB-2


The Massachusetts BB-2 was launched in June 1893 in Philadelphia, Pa.  In March, 1898 she was ordered to join the "Flying Squadron" for the blockade of Cuba.  On May 31th, in company with battleship Iowa (BB-4) and cruiser New Orleans, Massachusetts bombarded the forts at the entrance to Santiago de Cuba.  She exchanged fire with Spanish cruiser Cristobal Colon, forcing the enemy ship to retire into the inner harbor of Santiago.    

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In Jan. 2010, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation started discussing with Model Ship Master for a special order of six ship models (one Spanish American war vessel) for a new museum.