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Welcome to the world of the ocean liners!  At ModelShipMaster, we have the honor to produce models of some of the greatest ocean liners ever built.   From the magnificent Cunarders, to the fabulous French liners, the sleek Italian liners, the fast German, and the great American ships.

There is absolutely nowhere else in the world that you can buy a large, well made and accurate model of these great ocean liners for such wonderful prices!  Note that our ocean liner models are built with plank-on-frame method (wood stripes nailed and glued to a skeleton frame) and NOT carved by machines from a solid piece of low value balsa wood.  Their superstructures are not solid wooden blocks.  Windows are cut thru, not dark decals.  

Instead of investing in machines, we put our efforts into the skills of the artisans.  Our models are made mostly with traditional  wood making method.   When you hold our models, evidence of hand crafting is every where.   They can only increase in value overtime compared to the ones who made primarily with molds/machines.   Our prices might be lower than other builders' products, but the main reason for our existence is to make pieces of nautical art, not profit.   The tremendous number of ship models that we have in stock tells all. 


"...QM2 is MSM at its very best. You can't get any better than this model. It's flawless in execution, the centerpiece for anybody who has a passion for the great ocean liners of the past and present. Which is to say that it is a masterpiece. I have been a client since a year after MSM started selling models on the Internet, and over those years MSM exhibited a commitment to increasing both quality and accuracy.  Well Done!  I am now retiring from collecting. QM2 is my last model. Can't think of a better way to end it. Regards Sebastian"


"I have tried many times to call you.  I wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate my Norwegian Epic!  It completely beat any expectation I might of had. You have my most sincere thanks and appreciation.  You will hear from me shortly as I need to order a display case.  Very best regards, Matthew L."


"My darling (and I do mean that seriously ) wife loves the models once she sees them, but she is much more practical than I am, at least in the short term, so she doesn't buy for the future...if there is no space for something now, she says "why buy it." 

I, however, am much more future oriented, and very aware of the fact that items of high quality but limited appeal to the general public may not be available in the future....books that aren't on the best seller list, classical music recordings, etc. There is always a niche market for high quality items, but it frequently becomes very expensive. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where it is nearly impossible to go broke making mediocre movies or producing annoying and cloned rap music, but quality, if not priced "competitively", frequently becomes extinct, in the mass market sense...try finding a a good quality toaster or other small appliance at any price.

I fully plan on unveiling all of the acquisitions when we have more space, I hope, in a few years, assuming I don't prematurely expire ( I am 63, but in much better shape than most my age... I should know, I'm a physician ). However, no one's future is assured.

Interestingly enough, my wife inquired today as to whether a friend of hers could bring her grandchildren over to see my ship models, as they seem to have a fascination for sailing ships ( probably watched Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean too many times), so I would say that's a positive sign.

Anyway, as usual, I have probably communicated more than you wish to hear.

Keep the colors flying and thanks to all your artisans for their greatly appreciated efforts.  Scott B."


"Hello my name is J M. I'm seeking employment with your company.  I've worked as a model maker for M...B... Inc in Chicago, Illinois for several years.  Unfortunately the owner is not very ambitious in growing his business and has lost so many clients in the last year that there is now virtually no work available. I would like the opportunity to work for your company due to high level of quality of standards you possess. I've included pictures of my model I'm currently building. It is plank on frame construction... Model building is my passion, naval and ocean liner models are of particular interest to me.  Thank you for all and any consideration J M.   P.S. I recently gave the owner of an ear full for his trying to pass off Titanic and Aquitania models (very poor ones at that) as Britannic, Olympic and Lusitania and Mauritania with only the painted names and plaques changed. I can attach the conversation in full in the future. I'm sure someone here would find it entertaining. He bills ALL of his models as authentic and "museum quality."


Click on the link below for some analyses that we were paid to performed in the past:

                                      Analyses of low-end ocean liner models

Oasis of the Seas


Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship that displaced the  Independence of the Seas as the world's largest passenger vessel, carrying 5,400 passengers.

oasis of the seas
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Allure of the Seas


Allure of the Seas is the sister ship of the Oasis of the Seas.

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Disney Dream


Disney Dream features the first water coaster at sea, called "The AquaDuck", a 765-foot long winding waterslide with a four-deck drop and a course that winds 13 feet over the edge of the ship and through the ship's forward funnel. The AquaDuck runs the width of the ship and the length between the funnels, almost the size of a football field.

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Queen Mary 2


Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest, tallest and widest passenger ship ever built. Comparable to a structure as tall as a 21-story building, she is over four city blocks in length and over a hundred feet longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall.

queen mary 2
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Carnival Pride


The Carnival Pride is the largest size ship able to pass through the Panama Canal. It carries up to 2,680 passengers in 1,062 staterooms. Eighty percent of the staterooms have ocean views and eighty percent of those have private balconies.

Carnival Pride ship model
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Norwegian Pearl


Free-style cruising from NCL.  The first attempt of the ship's passage under a power line on the Ems River in Germany was the source for the well-known massive power outage that affected first Germany and then all of Europe on late November 4th, 2006.

norwegian pearl model

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Norwegian Epic


The Norwegian Epic represents the "third generation" of Freestyle cruising vessels and its size allows NCL to have a ship that is in the "mega-class" of their competitors at Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines.  The ship has 4,100 passenger berths, with 100% of outside cabins having balconies. 

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Freedom of the Seas

The world's largest passenger vessel features the first-ever onboard surf park at sea; cantilevered whirlpools that extend 12 feet beyond the sides of the ship; the H2O Zone waterpark, complete with interactive sculpture fountains, ground geysers and a cascading waterfall; largest rock-climbing wall.  Extensive WiFi capabilities and connectivity for cell phones will also be available, as well as flat-screen TVs in every stateroom.

freedom of the seas
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Voyager of the Seas

Voyager of the Seas, launched in 1999, is the first of five Voyager-class cruise ships from Royal Caribbean International. It can handle up to 3,114 guests, and is one of the largest passenger ships in the world; currently, only Queen Mary 2 and Royal Caribbean International's Freedom of the Seas are larger.  The ship measures is 1020' long overall and a waterline beam of 127' and a maximum width of 156'. 


Voyager of the seas
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Sovereign of the Seas

The first of the new mega-ships of the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, having a quite elegant exterior, with its stern being  similar to the stern of the magnificent Normandie.


Sovereign of the seas
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Grand Princess


Grand Princess is a large cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises.  She was the largest and most expensive ship ever built at the time in 1998.  Grand Princess was the setting for a task in the second series of the UK version of the reality TV show The Apprentice.

grand princess
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Sapphire Princess


The Sapphire Princess is a cruise ship owned by Princess Cruises which entered service in 2004. It is one of the world's largest cruise ships, with a capacity of approximately 2670 passengers.  The ship was christened on June 10, 2004 in Seattle; it was the first cruise ship ever to be christened in that port. 

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Diamond Princess


Diamond Princess is a cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises. She began operation in March 2004 and primarily cruises in Alaska during the summer and Asia in the winter along with Australia cruises. She is a subclassed Grand Class ship,which is also known as a Gem Class ship. Diamond Princess and her sister ship, Sapphire Princess, are the largest subclass of Grand-class ships

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MS Nieuw Amsterdam


MS Nieuw Amsterdam is a Signature class cruise ship for Holland America Line.  She is the the second largest Holland America ship to date.  Eighty-six percent of the cabins are on the outside, and 67 percent have balconies. 

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Costa Serena


MS Nieuw Amsterdam is a Signature class cruise ship for Holland America Line.  She is the the second largest Holland America ship to date.  Eighty-six percent of the cabins are on the outside, and 67 percent have balconies. 

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Andrea Doria


Named after the 16th-century Genoese admiral, Andrea Doria was an icon of Italian national pride.  Of all Italy's ships at the time, Andrea Doria was the largest, fastest and supposedly safest. Launched on 16 June 1951, the ship undertook its maiden voyage on 14 January 1953.

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Queen Elizabeth 2



The Queen Elizabeth 2, often called "the QE2", was the flagship of the Cunard Line from 1969 until she was succeeded by  Queen Mary 2 in 2004.  The QE2 was considered the last of the great transatlantic ocean liners.  She served almost 40 years as the Cunard flagship and traveled all over the world.

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 width=
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Queen Elizabeth



The history and profile of the RMS Queen Elizabeth is one of distinction and worthy of special recognition. For the Cunard Line, the ship provided the final say in their conquest of the North Atlantic. The epitome of ocean liner travel from her inaugural voyage to fateful retirement, RMS Queen Elizabeth played out a fascinating and colorful role in the history of the Twentieth Century.

RMS Queen ElizabetH
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Normandie was the epitome of luxury ocean liners.  She was the fastest, the sleekest, and the most artfully decorated. But her first distinction was that she was the first to exceed 1,000 feet in length. On her maiden voyage, she captured the blue riband and broke the Atlantic speed record thus winning the Hale's Trophy from the Italian's Rex.

SS Normandie
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SS Liberte



Renamed Liberte, the former North German Lloyd flagship flied the French flag.  In the days preceding the war, Europa had represented Germany as one of the fastest ships on the North Atlantic, having captured the Blue Riband from the Bremem in 1931 with a record crossing of 27.91 knots.  As Liberte, she found her place as a flagship successor of the Normandie. 

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SS France


As The France she was the last of the great French transatlantic Ocean Liners and the longest ever made (until Queen Mary 2) until she was laid up from 1974 until 1979.

SS France model
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SS Norway


The SS Norway is one of the most famous cruise ships afloat.   Her cabin system was very unique: Different cabins reflected the fashion of the 60's, 70's, 80's or the 90's! For example, your cabin might have contemporary decorations and a picture window, while some in the same class will only have a porthole and not reflect the current fashion in decor. 
Sold out. 

SS norway

SS Bremen


The German ship Bremen was notable for her low streamlined profile and a modern approach to her design.  The  Bremen sparked the building of the large (and very expensive) express liners of the 1930s. Departing Bremer haven for New York City on July 16th, 1929, she arrived four days, 17 hours, and 42 minutes later, capturing the Blue Riband from the Mauretania. 

ss bremen
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SS Europa



The Bremen's sister ship Europa made her maiden voyage to New York on 19 March 1930 taking the westbound Blue Riband from the SS Bremen with the average speed of 27.91 knots and a crossing time of 4 days, 17 hours and 6 minutes. 

ss europa
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TS Bremen 5
(SS Pasteur)



North German Lloyd acquired SS Pasteur from the French and renamed it TS Bremen in 1957 and refitted her comprehensively. One very noticeable change was the new drop-shaped funnel. To enhance comfort, two 4,50 m Stabilizers were fitted. In 1960, Bremen could carry approximately 14,000 passengers between Europe and the USA. The bulbous bow was added after she had another refit in 1965-1966. In September 1971, TS Bremen made her final voyage from Bremen to New York for Hapag-Lloyd.

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SS America


SS America possessed strikingly handsome lines.  She presented a sleek and most dynamic appearance as her tall prow was severely flared and had a slight 'clipper' rake.

SS america
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SS United States


SS United States is one of the world's greatest maritime achievements. She smashed all Atlantic speed records on her maiden voyage in 1952.  Though no longer in service, SS United States remains a proud icon of American ingenuity and naval engineering.  To this day, her record-breaking crossings  have yet to be broken by another ocean liner.

ss United States
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SS Independence


SS Constitution and her sister SS Independence
were two of the world's most famous, popular and innovative ocean liners. They were symbols of the might and ingenuity of American maritime design and construction: big, fast, comfortable.  Being the biggest liners built in the USA in a decade, SS Constitution was ranked for a time as the fastest merchant ship under the Stars & Stripes.  SS Independence was the last US-built ship to sail under the American flag.

ss independence model
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SS Constitution



SS Constitution and her sister SS Independence
were two of the world's most famous, popular and innovative ocean liners. They were symbols of the might and ingenuity of American maritime design and construction: big, fast, comfortable.  Being the biggest liners built in the USA in a decade, SS Constitution was ranked for a time as the fastest merchant ship under the Stars & Stripes.  SS Independence was the last US-built ship to sail under the American flag.

ss constitution model
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SS Rex


The Rex was the only Italian ocean liner to ever win the Blue Riband and one of the best looking cruise ships to ever wear the colors of the Italian Line and makes a beautiful ocean liner Model.  Rex's half-ton bronze bell stood in the foyer of the Italian Line's head office in Genoa.

SS Rex
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SS Rotterdam


The Rotterdam was the last great Dutch "ship of state", employing the finest artisans from Holland in her construction and fitting out process. With a career spanning forty years, she was also one of the most successful passenger ships of all time.  She sailed from 1959 until her final retirement in the fall of 2000.

SS rotterdam model
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SS Michelangelo

Michelangelo was distinguished by two unusual features: her graceful hull and unique funnels. Research aimed at ensuring smoke and grit fell clear of the decks led to this peculiar funnel shape. Narrow funnels with lids were found to be most effective whilst the surrounding trestlework gave the shape of conventional funnels.

michelangelo ship
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SS Australis


After serving for 24 years, SS America was sold to the Greek-owned Chandris Group in 1964 and renamed Australis. The Australis was popular as a cruise ship in Europe and out of Australia and New Zealand, although her primary purpose was the transfer of immigrants.  

ss australis
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Nieuw Amsterdam


In an era of undisguised luxury and leviathans, the Nieuw Amsterdam stands out as a ship of untarnished stature. By all accounts, the Nieuw Amsterdam took cruise ship interior decor to a new plateau. Designed to be the gem of the Dutch fleet, the accommodations and interior appointments were the finest afloat.


nieuw amsterdam model
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The Titanic was an unabashed celebration of opulence and technological wizardry. On her maiden voyage, she attracted an impressive roster of internationally known names.  Her 329 first-class passengers had an aggregate wealth exceeding $500 million!

Titanic ship model
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Perhaps no other ship in the history of the Cunard Line was so revered as was the RMS Aquitania. With a long and illustrious career – spanning the two World Wars – Aquitania was the longest serving ship in the Cunard fleet and was a favorite among transatlantic passengers. Her exquisite and tastefully executed interiors earned Aquitania the title “ship beautiful.”

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Queen Mary


QM broke record in August 1936, crossing the Atlantic in just 4 days to win back the 'Blue Riband' from the Normandie.  During wartime, she transported Winston Churchill three times to conferences.  Queen Mary now stays in Long Beach, California, after completing 1,001 crossings of the Atlantic! 

Queen Mary ship model
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RMS Mauretania was launched on September 20, 1906, to become the largest. On her maiden voyage in November 1907, she captured the record for the fastest eastbound crossing of the Atlantic. In September, 1909, she captured the Blue Riband for the fastest westbound crossing - a record that was to stand for more than 20 years. Her record was broken by the German ocean liner Bremen in 1929.

mauretania model
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Lusitania held the Blue Riband a number of times, notably in 1907.  The ship was torpedoed and sunk by a German U-20 on May 7, 1915, on her 202nd crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The incident played a role in the United States' entry into World War I on April 17, 1917.


lusitania model
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Pacific Princess
(The Love Boat) 

Pacific Princess was original built in 1971 by Nordseewerke, Emden, Germany as Sea Venture for Flagship Cruises.  Between 1975 and 2002 she sailed for Princess Cruises as Pacific Princess, famous for appearing in the romantic sitcom The Love Boat.

pacific princess
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Great Eastern


Great Eastern was a monster for its time,  six times larger than any ship ever built before.  Great Eastern is perhaps best remembered as the ship that laid the first transatlantic telegraph cable.  It was the only ship large enough to carry the length of cable required. The cable linking America with Europe was put in place in September, 1866. 

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TSS Fairstar


On 19 May 1964 the Fairstar left Southampton with a full complement of passengers, mostly migrants, on her maiden voyage to Sydney, Australia.  Fairstar then began cruising as a permanent cruise ship from Australia in December 1974.

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TSS Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras was an ocean liner formerly named Empress of Canada.  She was purchased by Carnival Line whom she served from
1972 to 1993

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SS Conte Rosso


Conte Rosso was an Italian ocean liner active in the early 20th century.  Named after Amadeus VII, Count of Savoy, the Conte Rosso was noted for her lavish Italian interior decoration. Designers included an outdoor dining area, unusual for ships of this era.

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Queen of Bermuda

The 22,500-ton Queen of Bermuda was one of the great liners of the 1930's. She added great luxury to the Bermuda cruise trade. Along with splendid public rooms, a large main restaurant, an indoor pool and spacious sports and sun decks, she boasted a great novelty for that era: every cabin had a private bathroom.  The ideal honeymoon cruise was dubbed the "honeymoon ships."  

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A beautiful ship featured in a great recent movie. 

poseidon ship
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HMY Britannia


Britannia was launched by Queen Elizabeth II on 16 April 1953 and commissioned on 11 January 1954. During her career as Royal Yacht, she conveyed the Queen, other members of the Royal Family, and various dignitaries on 696 foreign visits and 272 visits in British waters. Prince Charles and Princess Diana took a honeymoon cruise aboard Britannia in 1981.

HMY Britannia
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Reina del Mar

Reina del Mar was the last passenger ship built for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and their South American service. At the time she was the largest, fastest and only fully air-conditioned passenger liner operating a regular service between the UK, France, Spain and the west coast of South America via the Panama Canal.

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Canopic was originally built in 1990 as Commonwealth for the Dominion Line.  In 1903 Commonwealth was sold to the White Star Line and renamed Canopic.  The Canopic made her first White Star Line voyage on January 14, 1903 on the Liverpool to Boston service.

SS canopic
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Hamburg II


Hamburg America Line.   Launched in November 14, 1925.   645 feet long,  22,117 gross, 20 knots.  March. 7, 1945 sunk by mine off Sassnitz.  Refloated by Russians in 1950 and renamed "Yuri Dolgorukij".

Hammburg II
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Great Western


SS Great Western was the first steamship purposely built for the Atlantic crossing.  Designed by the great railway engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose idea it was that steam would replace sail power on the regularly-scheduled trans-Atlantic services.   Great Western was subsequently awarded the Blue Riband for setting the record for trans-Atlantic travel speed at 8.66 knots, beating Sirius which clocked in at 8.03 knots.


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The following section contains the ships of which Model Ship Master has very good information for model building.  If you are interested in commissioning a model, please click on this link:


RMS Oceanic 1897



Known as "Queen of the Ocean,"
Oceanic was perhaps the most distinguished name White Star assigned to any of its ships. Not only was Oceanic the formal name of the company that ran the White Star Line, but also the first Oceanic was one of the greatest White Star liners. Her innovative design set new standards for ocean travel.  Oceanic was the first ship to exceed the legendary Great Eastern in length and was the largest ship in the world until 1901.  At 17,272 gross tons, she cost one million pounds sterling, and even with the use of the most modern labor saving devices still required 1,500 shipwrights to complete. "Nothing but the very finest", was Ismay’s policy toward this new venture.  At a comfortable speed of 12 knots, the Oceanic was capable of circumnavigating the globe without refueling, accommodating over 2,000 passengers and 349 crew.  She was launched in January 1899 and made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on September 6th. Please click to commission this model.




Between 1920 and the entry into service of the Queen Mary in 1936, the Berengaria was the pride of the Cunard fleet.  Please click to commission this model.


 Mauretania II


Launched in 1938, Mauretania II was the largest ship built in England up to that time, and the first ship built for Cunard-White Star. She made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 17 June 1939. Converted into a troopship at Sydney in 1940, Mauretania remained in that service through the end of the war, traveling 540,000 miles and carrying over 350,000 troops. After being refitted, she returned to Cunard-White Star service in 1947.  
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Empress of Britain

The Empress of Britain was an ocean liner owned by Canadian Pacific Steamship Company. In her time, she was the largest, fastest, and most luxurious ship to sail between England and Canada. She was torpedoed on 28 October 1940 by U-32 and sank. At 42,348 gross tons, she was the largest ship sunk by a U-boat, and the largest liner lost, during the Second World War.
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Vaterland was Germany's answer to Great Britain's White Star Line of Olympic class steamers.  Built in 1913, Vaterland was the largest liner afloat, 950' long.  Her luxurious interior included a gymnasium and pool complex, several shops, and even a bank.   In 1917, she was seized by the US as the US entered the war.  When she sailed again, she would be an American troopship with a new name--the Leviathan. 
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Ile De France


The SS Ile de France was the first major ocean liner built after the conclusion of World War I and was the first liner ever decorated with the Art Deco designs. She was considered the most beautifully decorated ship built by the French Line.
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Leoardo Da Vinci


The design of the Leonardo da Vinci was based upon the Andrea Doria, but the improvements were many. For example, the after deck area had been freed from cargo cranes and such, leaving an unobstructed lido area with six swimming pools. The pool reserved for the first class passengers was heated with infrared rays. The private plumbing had been increased up to eighty per cent in tourist class. Added to all this, the ship’s machinery could be easily converted into nuclear power.  The Leonardo da Vinci was indeed a ship of a new time. The Italia Line finally felt that the wounds after the Andrea Doria-disaster were healing. Please click to commission this model.


SS Catalina

The SS Catalina, also known as The Great White Steamer, is a 301-foot steamship built in 1924 that provided passenger service on the 26-mile passage between Los Angeles and Santa Catalina Island from 1924 to 1975.  She carried more passengers than any other vessel anywhere.  When served as a troop ship during World War II, SS Catalina transported more than 800,000 soldiers, more than any other army transport throughout the war.  Retired in 1975 and place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Catalina is registered as a California State Historical Landmark and City of Los Angeles' Cultural Monument. In January 2009 the ship as announced being cut for scrap. Please click to commission this model.


SS Maasdam

The Maasdam was in service for the Holland America Line from 1952 - 1968 after which the ship was sold to the Gdynia-America Line. She was handed over on 8th October 1968 at the yard Wilton-Feyenoord in Rotterdam and renamed "Stefan Batory".
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SS Israel


SS Israel was the first large ship built for ZIM. She was built in 1955 by the Deutsche Werft in Hamburg, under the Reparation Payments Agreement.  SS Israel had four holds with a capacity of 4,000 weight tons including refrigerated space. In addition she had a drive in garage for up to 30 cars.  SS Israel's primary purpose was to bring Jews back to their ancient homeland.
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SS Israel

SS Jerusalem


SS Jerusalem was designed for the Mediterranean service.   Décor was essentially Israeli in style. Special features included a Cinema, Art Gallery, one of the first on a liner, and a Synagogue. SS Jerusalem operated the Haifa, Genoa, Marseilles, Naples, Haifa service, with occasional calls at Limassol .Sign up for updates: Please click to commission this model.

SS Jerusalem

MSC Orchestra


MSC Orchestra offers a perfect and unique blend of design, comfort and safety. With its airy open spaces, it is easily the most congenial cruise ship in Italy. A new jewel rides the seas: 18 decks, a fitness/relaxation area, a jogging track, a sauna, Turkish bath, swimming pools, jacuzzis, restaurants, pizzerias, theatres, nightclubs, shopping areas and a mini club, an abundance of space and services, meeting your every need and desire.
 Please click to commission this model.


Crystal Symphony

Crystal Symphony is a cruise ship for Crystal Cruises and was built in 1995. Onboard amenities include grand lounges, a full-service fitness untitled.jpg facility, a casino, Feng Shui-inspired spa, two pools, Jacuzzi, and award-winning cuisine. She measures 781 feet long and 99 feet wide.
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Radiance of the Seas


Radiance of the Seas is a cruise ship that is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International. She is a gas-turbine vessel, the first built for Royal Caribbean. This system produces higher efficient speeds than other cruise ships, and emissions to the air are much lower than cruise ships powered by diesel engines. She is the first cruise ship to feature pool tables that are stabilized by a computer-controlled gyroscope. They adjust with the motion of the ship to keep the table-top level with the horizon.
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Vision of the Seas


The first Royal Caribbean ships to offer private balconies in a number of categories, Vision of the Seas has acres of glass skylights that allow sunlight to flood in and windows that offer wide sea vistas. The soaring central atrium at the heart of each ship is anchored by champagne bars and fills with music after dark.  Her Maiden Voyage was on May 2, 1998.  As of 2006 she operates along the west coast of the North America, sailing to Alaska and the west coasts of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.
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MS Europa



Europa is the flagship of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, the glittering prize that celebrates its fifth glorious birthday in 2004, and the only ship in the world to achieve a Five-Stars-Plus rating. Europa, the first "all-suites" cruise ship, provides its 408 passengers, by far, with the largest amount of space on any cruise ship. Every suite has an unobstructed view of the sea, a spacious living and bedroom area, a luxurious bathroom, and a minibar. With a length of 236 ˝ yards and a width of 28 ˝ yards,  the ship can dock at smaller ports or anchor off remote beaches. Inflatable boats take a few passengers at a time into out-of-the-way areas to experience the spectacular  natural beauty. 
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Carnival Cruise Lines. New York excitement. Old West charm. The promenade of the Holiday is as bright as Broadway with a fiber-optics ceiling, taxi-schemed seating and lighted theater marquees. The popular Bus Stop is a great place to meet new friends before you transfer to the Gaming Club Casino, the Tahiti Lounge or the late-night Rflections Dance Club. The new frontier of virtual reality games is right next door in Cyber City. Please click to commission this model.




Celebrity Cruises' Millennium, Infinity, Summit and Constellation, all weighing at 91,000 tons and carrying up to 2,500 passengers. This newest group of ships carry through the company's art and culinary visions while also achieving firsts in their own right, from all-glass elevator banks to spa cafes to new alternative restaurants that pay homage to history's great ocean liners. Please click to commission this model.


Ocean Princess


Home to the line’s newest "floating art gallery," with a collection valued at US$ 3 million. Like her sister ships, Sun Princess, Dawn Princess and Sea Princess, Ocean Princess features a dramatic display of artwork, ranging from monumental sculptures and murals to stained glass and custom tile. These eye-catching works demonstrate Princess’ dedication to creating an exceptional shipboard environment.  Length: 857 ft. Please click to commission this model.


Royal Viking Star


The first vessel of Royal Viking Line which incorporated new ideas into the construction. After studying some 40 liners and cruise ships then in service, the lines owners were most impressed with Oceanic and Queen Elizabeth 2. Of the two it is clearly the Cunard ship which has had the greater influence on this ship.  At approximately one-third the tonnage and passenger capacity of QE2, the whole scheme is rendered on a proportionately smaller and thus more intimate scale. Please click to commission this model.


MS Amsterdam


As a flagship of our five-star fleet the Amsterdam is a standard bearer for the line - the very best of the best. Everywhere, discover elegant signature differences. The private Neptune Lounge, reserved for the exclusive use of guests staying in Penthouse and Deluxe Verandah Suites. And from stem to stern, elegant art and antiques fill the ship - over $2 million worth, including the ornate Astrolabe clock tower and carillon in the atrium. The 780' long ship can accommodate 1653 guests.
Please click to commission this model.


RMS Britannia


Britannia was the first purpose-built transatlantic mail and passenger steamer.  She was built for Samuel Cunard's British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, later known as the Cunard Line.  She made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Boston, USA, in July 1840.  Britannia benefited from the fact that it was not directly competing with the larger and faster 'Great Western' on the New York route. In 1849 'Britannia' was sold to become the flagship of the Navy of the North German Confederation, which renamed her 'Barbarossa'. She later saw service in the Prussian Navy and the Imperial German Navy, before eventually being broken up at Kiel in about 1880.
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SS Oceanic 1871


Oceanic was the pioneer and 'name ship' of the White Star Line.  She is generally considered to have been the forerunner of the modern luxury liner, making all previous North Atlantic liners obsolete. The usual narrow deckhouses and high, solid bulwarks were replaced by an iron promenade deck with open railings. Even more revolutionary was the fact that the first class dining saloon and cabins were transferred from their old-established positions aft to amidships. Here there was less movement and less vibration from the propeller. Cabins and portholes were much larger than usual. The overall effect was a light and airy appearance, new to steamship accommodation. Oceanic sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 2 March 1871. Her avant-garde appearance created a sensation in both ports.
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Paddle Steamer Sirius

Sirius was the first ship ever to cross the Atlantic under continuous steam power.  In April 1938, the 700-ton Sirius sailed the Atlantic with 40 passengers on board.  She arrive at Sandy Rock, New Jersey, after the voyage of just over 18 days.  Detained by a storm at sea that consumed her entire store of coal, the crew had to break up some of the ship's internal fittings and furniture for fuel.  The Sirius's achievement marked the beginning of regular transatlantic steamship service, heralding the era of the ocean liner.   Please click to commission this model.


Some noteworthy successes:

- In March 2009, after inspecting in person two ocean liner models and taking pictures for Cunard experts to review, Queen Victoria cruise ship agreed to buy both of our models to display on the ship. 

- In April 2008, Model Ship Master supplied Merritt Productions a 6-foot ocean liner model. Some of Merritt Productions' 30 film credits include: Batman Forever, Total Recall, Speed, and The Peacemaker.  This model is used in a Royal Caribbean's commercial. 

- The world’s largest premium cruise line Oceania Cruises chose Model Ship Master to repair two massive over 10' long ocean liner models in September, 2007.  Happy with the repair,  Oceania Cruises invited Model Ship Master to repair again in September, 2008.

-"Received the Normandie well on schedule. The model arrived in very good condition due to the way it was packed. It is an excellent copy of the ship itself. I have checked other makers on the internet and could only find one that met your standards, but at a very much higher cost. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and my dealing with your company.  John Earl Coleman "

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